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The following models are on my list of future builds. These models are currently on my shelf. I'm not a collector of kits, so my stash is small. The kits are arranged by year of the vehicle or alphabetically for air craft and space ships. My current project(s) are outlined in black. By clicking on the image of my current project(s), your browser will open a new tab or window to my photo journal for that build. In the journal there will be additional links to my YouTube video's and to other interesting facts about the build.

I'm not sure what order they will be done; however, my current build(s) will always be outlined and in the top row, therefore check back frequently. Links on future builds will direct your browser, in a new tab or new browser window, to either Scalemates Scale Modeling Database | Stash Manager or to a manufactures website for that particular kit.

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1954 Hudson Hornet Club Coupe

Current project
Under 1,000 Group Build (#under1000gb)

1954 Hudson Hornet Club Coupe on Scalemates

B24D Liberator Revell

Scheduled project after the '54 Hudson Hornet
America goes to war

B-24 Liberator on Scalemates

---- PLASTIC KITS ----

1925 Ford Model T 3-Stooges Oily's Garage Box Art (AMT) 1926 Mack Truck Bulldog Box Art (Atlantis) 1929 Ford Woody/Pickup (AMT) 1269
1929 Ford Model 'A' Roadster 2'n1 (Revell) 85-4463 1931 Ford Model A 2-Door Sedan 1:16 Scale Box Art (Minicraft) 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery Box Art (MPC)
1934 Ford Pickup Box Art (AMT) 1934 Ford Pickup Box Art (Lindberg) 1937 Ford Panel Delivery Box Art (Revell)
1940 Ford coupe Box Art (Monogram) 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery 3-Stooges Box Art (AMT)

1954 Hudson Hornet Club Coupe moved to:
Work in Progress

1955 Chevy Coupe Skip's Fiesta Box Art (Revell) 55 Chevy Bel-Air Box Art AMT 55 Chevy Bel-Air Convertible 1:16 Scale Box Art (AMT)
1955 Chevrolet 2-Ton Stake Truck Box Art (Atlantis) 1956 Ford Thunderbird (Revell) 57 Chevy Bel-Air Box Art (AMT)
1971 Plymouth HEMI Cuda 426 Box Art (Revell) Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket Box Art (Revell) B-17G Flying Fortress Box Art (Revell)
B-29 Superfortress Box Art (Atlantis) B-29 Superfortress Box Art (Monogram) B-29 Superfortress Box Art (Revell)
B-52 with X-15 Box Art (Atlantis) B-52/F Statofortress Box Art (Minicraft) Da Vinci Machines Series Da Vinci clock (Academy) 18150
Kmart/Havoline Lola T-8900 Box Art (AMT) Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 50th Anniversary Box Art (AMT) Star Trek Voyager Box Art (Revell)
Steam Locomotive 'Penydarren' (Academy) 18133 Vintage Police Car Box Art (AMT) Weird Oh's Freddy Flameout Box Art (Testors)
Weird Oh's Huey's Hut Rod Box Art (Testors) # #

---- WOOD MODELS ----

1909 Model 'T' Touring Car Wood (Hudson Miniatures)


1928 Ford Model A Town Sedan Die Cast (JLE Scale Models)

Although these two kits are labeled as 1928 and 1931,
they are identical kits, at least according to
scalemates .

1931 Ford Model A Town Sedan Die Cast (JLE Scale Models) #4007

---- METAL EARTH ----

1908 Model T (Metal Earth) 1931 Ford Model A (Metal Earth) Apollo Saturn V (Metal Earth)
Apollo CSM with LM (Metal Earth) B-17 Flying Fortress (Metal Earth)

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