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Moebius Kit #939 - 1:6 Scale

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Lost in Space B9 Robot Moebius Box Art

I am planning to animate this project. It will be my first attempt at adding electronics to a build.

There a lot of modelers out there animating this kit and there are ton's a YouTube video's of modelers who have done some very amazing animations to the kit; however, most of the video's and builds are between 5 and 10 years old. There are also electronic packages available to animate this kit, but they are very expensive and I really want to do it using my own design.

I have worked in electronics and industrial controls my entire 50+ year career; therefore, I'm fairly sure I have the know how to create the robot animation. What I don't know is the type of hardware that's available and that will fit within the confines of the model kit.

My initial plans are to use an Arduino or two or three to control the functions; however, that can change as I proceed through the build. I definitely want to attempt making it RC controlled which will be a totally new concept for me. Some of the things I plan to animate are:

  • The internal head rotating
  • The lights in the head randomly blinking
  • If possible, the head moving up/down
  • The torso rotating, preferably 360° clockwise and counter clockwise (CW/CCW)
  • All chest lights functioning
  • Adding the robots voice. I already have many voice clips.
  • The mouth blinking to the voice
  • The grippers opening and closing
  • The feet tread moving so he can walk



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