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Last Updated: February 22, 2024

As I get more back into the hobby, and more adjusted to retirement, I tend to be working on more than one project at-a-time, and not just building models, but also electronics, Arduino, programming and web design. My technology projects can be found on YouTube @jtodora (Technology & Stuff) and/or on @skipsmessyworkbench (Skips Messy Workbench) and/or on my Technology & Stuff website at (Technology & Stuff) and/or on this website.

However, my main focus is on model building. As I have stated many times before, my favorite part of model building is the research and then the assembly. I absolutely hate the painting part of the hobby. I guess because I'm so bad at it. As I state on the homepage of this site, Skips Messy Workbench modifying a statement thought to be coined by author Dorothy Parker (I hate writing, but love having written):

I hate painting, but love having painted

B-24D Liberator
Last project in the:
America Goes to War Series
Last Updated: Aug. 10, 2023

B-24D Box Art
This kit on Scalemates

This project has been temporarily put on hold until other projects are finished.

This B-24D is part of a theme build that I call: America Prepares for War. I started this series in 2022 and is a small focus on vehicles produced before American industries transformed their factories to making military vehicles, planes and parts to support the WWII war effort. The Ford Motor Company actually built a new factory in Willow Run, Michigan to produce the B-24D Liberator.

I came up with the idea for this series of builds while researching the build of a 1941 Chevy Pickup and a 1941 Plymouth Coupe. Both of these models are complete and can be viewed in the completed projects area of this website.

When I started doing the research on the '41 Chevy Pickup I was mesmerized by it's history and it's part in moving the automotive industry toward wartime production.

If you would like to view a summary of my research for this series click the History image.

Read History

Completed Builds in Series:

1941 Chevy Pickup
1941 Plymouth Coupe

Lost in Space
B9 Robot
Moebius #939 1:6 Scale
Last Updated: Feb. 22, 2024
Lost in Space B9 Robot Box Art
This kit on Scalemates

I am planning to animate this project. It will be my first attempt at adding electronics to a build.

I have worked in electronics and industrial controls my entire 50-year career, so I know I have the know how; however, I don't know what is available in the way of small components that will fit within the model. I'm initially planning to use an Arduino or two or three to perform the control functions; however, that can change as I proceed through the build. I definitely want to attempt making it RC controlled which will also be a first for me. Some of the things I plan to animate are:

  • The internal head rotating
  • The head lights randomly blinking
  • If possible, the head moving up/down
  • The torso rotating
  • All lights on the torso working
  • Adding the robots voice. I already have many voice clips
  • The mouth blinking to the voice
  • The grippers opening and closing
  • The feet tread moving so he can walk

So...we'll see how all this plays out.

I know there are a lot of others who have animated this kit and I've watched some of there YouTube video's. I also see that there are electronic packs available, but at a high price. That said...I want to do it on my own using my own ingenuity.

1928 Ford Model 'A'
Town Sedan (Die Cast)
JLE Scale Models 4007
1:20 Scale
Last Updated: March 25, 2024
1928 Ford Model 'A' Die Cast Box Art
This kit on Scalemates

This is the first time I'm attempting to build a die cast model. It seems fairly simple. The biggest issue I found so far is all the clean up. The next thing will be to see how water based acrylic paint adheres to the die cast parts. I don't think there will be a problem, but I've been wrong many times before, especially when it comes to painting.

The following picture is an example of how I plan to paint the kit. This is very similar to a car used in the movie "Once Upon A Time In America" that the character Noodles drove off a pier and into a lake. It hurt me to see such a nice car going down to the bottom of a lake.

Actual '28 Ford Model 'A' the way I plan to paint it

This picture comes from Although it is a 1931, there is very little difference between the 1928 and 1931. I hope the owner of the picture does not mind that I used it.

I hope you enjoy your visit!!!

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